We are now running Minecraft 1.8, so you may update.
Join: play.zkitpvp.com


[Owner] zRA1Nz a posted Sun at 13:08
Well guys zKitPvP BETA Release is finally here. 

During the BETA anything can happen. The reason for this beta is to test our server, to make sure it is bug free, and to test new features that will be added in the full version.

During the BETA there may be:
  • Glitches & Bugs
  • Constant Server Restarts
  • New Features being added
  • Things that may not be finished

No Sign up! Just join: play.zkitpvp.com

All are welcome to join!

ALPHA Build is Live!

[Owner] zRA1Nz a posted Wed at 14:46
ALPHA Release is only available for staff members. Reasons is, this update will be used to test the plugin. We will also be building the spawn and arenas that will be needed for the BETA Release. 1 step closer to the Release so be prepared.

We are predicting the BETA Release will be on the 1st of September.


CaptainLink_ Yes, Minecraft 1.8 is coming out September 2nd, although Spigot / Craftbukkit's 1.8 WILL NOT, come out on September 2nd, ...
picturemine123 you know minecraft 1.8 is comming 2nd September so you would need to update quick
[Donor] XxNihadPvPxX Nice ra1n and you added the HealthBar plugin ...
Short notification before we complete a more official response to whats happening. We failed to make up the donation requirements to continue the server how it was. But fortunately I will be bringing something back online. Unfortunately we lost all the maps and stuff, but however I did manage to get us our permissions files, which means donors I won't forget you. When I bring up the new server I will be merging your ranks into whatever we decide to use instead.

I take full blame for the servers shutting down, if I could have put a little more time into it we could of have kept going. But honestly my time with the server was going to get shorter and shorter. I have other priorities in my life and they were at the time more concerning than my server.

In other news I will be releasing a new server, just a singular server, so I will be able to manage it better. And as you can probably tell by the Text at the top of the website that this will be my custom kitpvp server. The reason I'm deciding to reopen this only is because it doesn't require as much management. Of course there will be a lot more coding for me to do, but this way I rarely have to show up in-game. I don't have enough time to be managing a server like survival where there constantly things going wrong.

This will also help me with my coding hobby. I want to become better and better at coding and to do that you need practice, and this is my practice. I will be turning the kitpvp plugin from a singular plugin into a modular plugin. What does that mean? It means that I will be separating certain functions into different plugins for example. I will keep all the stat functions in one plugins and the portal functions in another plugin. This way I can update a singular part of the server without effecting everything.

Also, to all the graphics designers out there, we are looking for a logo. Basically just something with zKitPvP in it.

Logo Examples: 

Game Panel, Store Panel, Vote Panel, and Server Info should be done as soon as Enjin fixes the creation bug with the Side Menu's.

-zRA1Nz (Holy Awesome Swag God of Coding)
CaptainLink_ You will have to email ra1n, or contact him somehow, with your receipt.
Camden_Deadwolf Did my account IiIStickIiI Will transfer my Rank in my premium account ? PleaseAnswer me zRa1nz
CaptainLink_ Yes, Vengeance is a strict and great staff member. He's hard on all of us to keep the server strong and keeping the rule ...
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Yay Minecraft. 1.8
zra1nz i hope everyone will treat me nice..!
Told you, they didn't even have to give us a rank back, they gave it to us because they are generous.
As stated before we are an entirely different server, all old donators are given the best things we have as a mark of respect.
vengeance do the old donors get anything special because most of them payed way more than how much there rank costs
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