We had an issue with our server system, so our host is moving us to a new server. This process is instant, however I have to pull all the data from our server which takes a day or two because of FTP download rates, and then a day or two to upload all the data to the new server which usually takes a bit longer then the download. I will do my best to get our server up as soon as possible. Feel free to donate so that we can upgrade to a better and more quality server.
anyonetalk Hello to all staff is this 24/7?
MegaCube0213 did you have change into crack server ?????

Updating Tomorrow

[Owner] zRA1Nz a posted Oct 9, 14
So tomorrow I will be updating the server to the new and improved update. Unfortunately because I coded the data saved portion without thinking of having to update it in the future, we have to reset all kitpvp stats... I feel terrible about this and I completely blame this on myself for not coding in something to prevent this from happening. But, if we don't update we can't add in all these new features that I have planned for the server. Tomorrow when this update is uploaded, we will be testing all the features so we can debug the plugin. Please be patient through the multiple server reboots that we may happen.

Finished the long awaited update! Time to test! [Posted: October 9th, 2014]
So I've finally completed the long awaited update. We will be testing the plugin tomorrow so we can code out any bugs that is keeping it from operating properly. As soon as this process is done i will release the update notes, and all the new features that will be released.

Although all the necessary resources are there to make gangwarz, we will be keeping it offline for now until we complete the map, gun files, and commands needed to make it work properly.
[Mod] CaptainLink_ o No, you do not need to donate. But, to gain better ingame benefits, you can donate at www.zkitpvp.com/donate Veteran wil ...
zrules88 Can you please check out my newest helper application
stormshadow123 do we really need to donate to play ?
We are now running Minecraft 1.8, so you may update.
Join: play.zkitpvp.com


[Owner] zRA1Nz a posted Aug 31, 14
Well guys zKitPvP BETA Release is finally here. 

During the BETA anything can happen. The reason for this beta is to test our server, to make sure it is bug free, and to test new features that will be added in the full version.

During the BETA there may be:
  • Glitches & Bugs
  • Constant Server Restarts
  • New Features being added
  • Things that may not be finished

No Sign up! Just join: play.zkitpvp.com

All are welcome to join!
stormshadow123 why can't i join ???
ALPHA Release is only available for staff members. Reasons is, this update will be used to test the plugin. We will also be building the spawn and arenas that will be needed for the BETA Release. 1 step closer to the Release so be prepared.

We are predicting the BETA Release will be on the 1st of September.


Txcrafters RA1N please some 1 help I didn't T.N.T the spawn!!! please belleave me!!! I don't any ather way to get u to unban me ...
[Mod] CaptainLink_ o Yes, Minecraft 1.8 is coming out September 2nd, although Spigot / Craftbukkit's 1.8 WILL NOT, come out on September 2nd, ...
picturemine123 you know minecraft 1.8 is comming 2nd September so you would need to update quick
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actually you did say it would be up within a week..
Actually i never given a specific date, secondly if you checked the thread you'd understand why.
hey jordan :sick:
Hello guys It's me jordansykes2123 the Alohagod in the server.
said 4th-6th of Nov and Now its 19th of Dec. Wow
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